Thousands of Religious Leaders Speak Out Against Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’ Proposal

  • 2017-01-30
  • Huffington Post

Thousands of religious leaders are speaking out against an executive order President Donald Trump signed on Friday, which he claimed would keep “radical Islamic terrorists” out of the country.

The president didn’t specify what was in the document, which he signed on live television. But an earlier leaked draft suggested the action would block refugee admissions from the war-torn country of Syria indefinitely and temporarily suspend the country’s refugee resettlement program.

In an interview with The Christian Broadcasting Network on Friday, Trump suggested that persecuted Christians would be given priority when applying for refugee status.

A letter drafted by Christian aid organization Church World Service and signed by more than 2,000 faith leaders called on the Trump administration and members of Congress to “demonstrate moral leadership and affirm their support for the resettlement of refugees from all over the world to the United States.”

The religious leaders condemned what they viewed as Trump’s longstanding bias against Muslims, stating in their letter: “Together, representing our various faiths, we decry derogatory language that has been used about Middle Eastern refugees and our Muslim friends and neighbors. Inflammatory rhetoric has no place in our response to this humanitarian crisis.”