Catherine Caufield

Dr. Caufield holds a doctoral degree in Religious Studies from the Centre for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto. She has received a number of awards, including a post-doctoral fellowship (University of Toronto) and a Foreign Government Award (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). She has worked in academic institutions for twenty years, recently as Associate Director of the Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life, where she edited an insightful collection of essays entitled Reflections on Religion and Public Life (2017), and currently in the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Concordia University of Edmonton. Her research interests are focused on religiospirituality in contemporary local and global sociopolitical contexts, with particular attention to how hearing and understanding is developed within religious traditions as well as between and within overlapping religious and secular contexts. Author of two monographs and numerous articles and book chapters, she is currently working on a multi-co-authored book with the working title A Shared Future, A Shared Country: Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians Living Together with Mutual Respect.