David John O'Brien

David John O'Brien – B. A. Boston College, M. A. University of Notre Dame, PhD. Indiana University – is Professor and Chair of Rural Sociology at the University of Missouri (USA). His research and writing includes: collective action in urban Neighborhoods [D. J. O’Brien, Neighborhood Organization and Interest-Group Processes, Princeton University Press, 1975]; inter-generational ethnic community identity and assimilation [S. S. Fugita and D. J. O’Brien, Japanese American Ethnicity: The Persistence of Community, University of Washington Press, 1991]; the adaptation of rural households and communities to the pressures of globalization, [D. J. O’Brien, E. W. Hassinger, R. B. Brown & J. R. Pinkerton, “The Social Networks of Leaders in More & Less Viable Rural Communities,” Rural Sociology 56 (1991): 699-716; D. J. O’Brien, J. L. Phillips and V. V. Patsiorkovsky, “Linking Indigenous Social Capital to the Global Economy.” Special Issue on Social Capital. Regional Studies 31 (2005):1041-1051]; and rural Russian household, community and regional responses to the effects of the collapse of the Soviet economy [D. J. O’Brien and V. V. Patsiorkovsky, Measuring Social and Economic Change in Rural Russia, Lexington, 2006; D. J. O’Brien and S. K. Wegren, “The Underrepresentation of Women in Leadership Positions in Rural Russia.” Rural Sociology 80(1) (2015): 86-107]. Currently, he is working with an inter-disciplinary team to identify the sources of strategies for smallholder cooperatives to compete in the liberalized post-colonial economies in East Africa [D. J. O’Brien, L. Banwart and M. L. Cook, "Measuring the Benefits of Smallholder Farmer Membership in Producer Controlled Vertical Value Chains: Survey Findings from a Development Project in East Africa." Poverty and Public Policy 5(4)(December) (2013): 399-416]. O’Brien’s research has been supported by the National Science Foundation (USA), the National Institute of Mental Health (USA), the Ford Foundation, the Soros Foundation, SAMSHA, USDA, and USAID.