2020 Special Focus: Conservation, Environmentalism, and Stewardship—Ecological Spirituality as Common Ground

Unquestionably, changes in ecosystems have impacts on human life. As we experience intensifying climate events, transforming the ecosystems in which we live, how might these events offer an opportunity to rethink the relationships between ecology, religion, and spirituality? Within a broader social context, how might the relationships between ecology, religion, and spirituality be a way to frame the diagnosis of causes to consider how we got to where we are now? And at the level of prognosis, how might these social and spiritual understandings guide thinking for the future? Might it be possible to forge ecumenical common ground between indigenous world views, the great religions, and rationalistic and scientific epistemologies? Can interfaith dialogues stimulate action based on co-defined ethical principles? How can we build alliances between scientists and spiritual leaders? What opportunities and responsibilities are there to shape public discourses on matters that pertain to our shared ecological futures? How do we negotiate the diversity of religious and spiritual worldviews in these contemporary debates, with a critical eye both to social context and our planetary existence?

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