Roger Ferrer Ventosa

Roger Ferrer Ventosa earned his PhD in humanities in 2018. IN his thesis, he investigated the links between art theory, artistic practices, and magical/symbolic thinking. The goal in his research has been to shed some light on how ideas can transform themselves in visual material. This is crucial because it helps us to better understand mankind and how human beings conceive themselves and the universe. One of the consequences is that visual material serves as a thermometer to spot variations in the history of ideas in societies.

Taking his articles and chapters into consideration, he has published for difference fields of knowledge, such as religious studies, film studies, literature, cultural studies, anthropology of art, visual culture, history of philosophy, aesthetics, etc.; that is evidence that he is capable of conducting transdisciplinary research, although his area of expertise hinges on how ideas become images, and why images are the best epistemological tool for referring to something spiritual, metaphysical, or related notions.

He has won several literary awards and he published a fantasy novel.